Interesting places

Travel Hotel is located in the historical center of Perm. Near to us there is a set of sights and interesting places of the city.

Theater of the Young Spectator?>

Theater of the Young Spectator

The building, which now houses the theater of the young spectator, was built at the turn of the century between 1899 and 1902. Everyone who visited Perm and strolled through the old streets of the city, remembered several preserved beautiful mansions, built according to the designs of the architect Alexander Bonaventurovic Turchevic. Over time, the buildings built by Turcevic have become a kind of visiting card of the city.

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Perm Museum of Local History / Meshkov House

Past the Perm Regional Museum (11, Monastyrskaya Street) is impossible to pass. It is located in one of the most beautiful mansions of the old Perm-House Nikolay Meshkov, a well-known patron of arts, the founder of higher education in the Urals, an entrepreneur.

 The exposition of the museum presents the artifacts of the Perm animal style, the art of metal casting with images of animals from the early Iron Age and the Middle Ages. The business card of the collection is the image of a "man on a lizard"

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Perm Museum of Local History / Meshkov House?>
Perm Art Gallery?>

Perm Art Gallery

(Komsomolsky Ave, 4) is located in the building of the Transfiguration Cathedral of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries of construction.

It is here that you can see the collection of Perm wooden sculpture - the famous "Permian gods" - figurative depictions of the Savior and saints with the characteristic features of the local Komi-Permian population. The second brand of the gallery is the richest collection of "letters" from the Stroganov icon-painting school that was established at the end of the 16th century.

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Museum of Soviet naive

(Pushkina st, 1) - the first private museum in Perm. It was opened in 2012 at the initiative of the spouses-patrons of Hope and Andrew Agishov.

The museum is focused on preserving, studying and popularizing the naive art created in the Soviet period of history.

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Museum of Soviet naive?>
Royal Rooms?>

Royal Rooms

In the "Royal Rooms" (St. Sibirskaya, 5) in 1918 spent the last weeks of his life the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov, and in 1928 for several days in the chambers number 13 lived poet Vladimir Mayakovsky.

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Perm theater of opera and ballet

One of the oldest musical theaters in Russia, Perm opera conduct its official chronicles since 1870. In the course of its almost 150-year history, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater acquired two spiritual patrons in the person of the great composer of the 19th century, Pyotr Tchaikovsky and the great impresario of the 20th century, Sergei Pavlovich Diaghilev. The reputation of the "musical laboratory" has been accompanying the theater since the middle of the twentieth century.

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Perm theater of opera and ballet?>
Famous people\'s houses?>

Famous people\'s houses

Smyshlyaev House

In Smyshlyaeva House (9 Sibirskaya Street), a merchant, a scientist, a local historian and philanthropist by vocation, now there is the Central City Library named after M.Smyslyaev. A.S. Pushkin. 

House of merchant Gavrilov

The house of the merchant Gavrilov (22 Lenin Street) with a mezzanine, stucco decoration, with gates, a fence and a private plot, was restored in 2001 with the utmost precision. 

House of merchant Mikhailov

In close proximity to the house of merchant Gavrilov there is another monument of architecture - the house of the merchant Nikolai Ivanovich Mikhailov (Lenin street, 24). One-storey, wooden, plastered building with stucco decoration is a unique example of a city mansion not only in Perm architecture, but also has no analogues in residential development of the Urals. 

House of merchant Gribushin

The mansion of the merchant Gribushin (Lenin street, 13a), the tea-sugar king, a generous philanthropist and music connoisseur, became the prototype of the House with figures from Doctor Zhivago.